How it started…

My first article explores a topic I knew nothing about – binge eating disorder (BED). A friend who works in this field told me eating disorders were on the rise during the pandemic as they thrive in isolation.

I wanted to look at the topic from a new angle. We rarely hear about men with eating disorders and rarer still – older men. When The Priory Group told me there was a ‘hidden’ eating disorder going undiagnosed in men over 50, I wanted to find out more.

This is Eating Disorder Awareness Week. With Beat, the UK’s eating disorder charity, choosing BED as their theme of the week, it seemed as good a time as any to join in the conversation.

I am particularly grateful to the people with lived experience of binge eating who shared their personal experiences with me. A couple of names have been changed due to the anonymity of their recovery programmes.

The article follows a ‘long read’ format. So sit tight.

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